OPFMA Corporate Membership



Corporate members of OPFMA are individuals or businesses that support maintenance at public facilities in Ohio by offering valuable products and/or services. Corporate members include consulting firms, roofing companies, cleaning service providers, HVAC suppliers and contractors, energy efficiency experts, engineers, suppliers of various goods and services to public facilities, among others.


Corporate Member Benefits

Membership in OPFMA provides you with the following opportunities:


•  The opportunity to submit two quarter page ads plus one feature article, up to a page long, in the OPFMA newsletter, “Spotlight on Maintenance.” (see ads and articles policy below)

•  Link on OPFMA web site to your company's web site and listing of key contact information (see web site policy below).
The opportunity to make presentations at OPFMA networking meetings held in various parts of the state or you can organize a seminar at your facility for OPFMA members.
•  One year subscription to Spotlight on Maintenance.

Corporate Member Dues

Dues for a basic corporate membership are only $325 per year. This includes all benefits listed above.


How to Become an Corporate Member?

Becoming an corporate member of OPFMA is easy! Simply print and complete the  corporate membership application and send it to the OPFMA office, along with your check.


Newsletter Ads and Articles Policy

Please provide the article in MS Word format. The article can be up to a page long. You may include a small company logo in JPG format if you like. We will make every effort to include the logo in or near the article headline, subject to design and space limitations. 

If the article contains any pictures or graphics, we request that they be in JPG format. Also, please attach
a copy of any pictures or graphics used in article.


OPFMA reserves the right to publish articles and ads that are submitted for a certain issue in a subsequent issue of the newsletter, based on space and editorial considerations.


Deadlines for Text and Camera Ready Ad Copy

Mar  1, 2016
June 1, 2016
Sept 1, 2016
Dec  1, 2016

Web Site Policy

OPFMA’s web site includes a page devoted to Business or Corporate Members. Corporate members are listed on the page; the listing includes a short summary of the company's products and/or services, contact name, email address, phone number, and a hyper-link to the company website.